Biostatistics, Epidemiology ,Machine Learning & many more


Data is fuel for current industry and is growing exponentially in almost every industry. We as a company dive into our cutting-edge solutions tailored to transform raw data into actionable intelligence. Analytics department was established in year 2022 as Centre of Excellence Interdisciplinary Sciences to support the research & Development.

Our analytics wing is providing support to various institutions to strengthen their research. We have very diverse team in analytics which are supporting in Data Science and Biostatistics. We offer data driven solutions and technical support to researchers and institutions to enhance their research objective.

Our Vision is to support research for the betterment of mankind and develop resources for the industry. We are group of experienced associates to onboard the institute to industry by providing our expertise.

Our mission is to incubate the minds for industry and researcher to fuel them with data driven decisions. We as company


Our Major Project Successes

Today’s world is highly competitive. Escon Info Systems helps companies to grow their business rapidly through data sciences and allow customers to find the most desirable products or solutions. We win the trust of customers by giving quality services.


A Study to compare the effectiveness of silver-based dressing vs conventional dressing in prevention of surgical site infection among post operative patient of laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

To compare the descriptive efficacy of the drug given in combination, with other drug based on the responses achieved after giving both the drug to different patients with aplastic anaemia.


To identify major disease carriers and possible patterns of a spread through transmission outbreak investigation using big data analytics.

To develop a recommender system for sanitation to deal with the mosquito bond disease in most prevalent areas.

Further relating with the protozoa / carrier / infectant during the season and correlating with its congenial habitat during the same period can mark the carriers too.

Machine Learning

Developing predictive model to save the population from the natural hazard like landslide in the landslide prone areas.

Fitting the model to predict the share market for intraday trading pattern.

Our Reachability

  • Lucknow University
  • AIIMS Delhi, Pune University, Graphic University etc.
  • Pune University
  • Graphic University etc.


1) Internship offering for Data Science and Machine Learning

2) Internship offering for Biostatistics



  • M.Sc/M.A. in Statistics (candidates who are pursuing M.Sc. will also be eligible)
  • B.Tech/M.Tech Computer Science with at least one paper related to Statistics.
  • Candidate with other education will be eligible only after interview