SMS Solutions

Escon Info Systems would like to introduce you to sms solutions services by integrating your current application for sending SMS of any fields required by you.

Escon provides SMS services to small, medium and large business by increasing the customer satisfaction and better SMS service intimacy. Our SMS gateway provides you with a wide range of sms APIís which are simple and flexible and gets easily integrated within any websites or an application.

We combined the best of web and mobile technologies to provide you an ideal solution for communication, which are being updated with latest technology. SMS service is very simple yet powerful application which makes your communication easy to the best possible extent at very economical prices. SMS service is a cost effective, high-response- rate, which help you maintain your business relationships with your valuable customers.

SMS services are the delivery of information to mobile phones via the internet and sms gateway which is an ideal way to stay connected with anyone, anywhere at any time.


Escon Info Systems offers you the following features

SMS: We provide Bulk sms services where you can communicate with a large group of customers in a short time. Our bulk sms service gives you more efficiency and cheapest way of communicating with the mobile users for sms marketing.

Desktop SMS: Desktop SMS allow you to send text SMS from your desktop. Our Desktop SMS software is a simple and convenient method of sending text messages to individuals. Powerful backend utility for receiving of multi-lingual message coupled with smart SMS forwarding features to phone, email or offsite APIís will enable you to better manage incoming messages for your services .

Reports: Escon presents SMS delivery report that delivers a report at a specific time, this is an essential service through which you will be able to get a notification as soon as the SMS is delivered at the destination .This will ensure that your SMS messages are delivered on a timely basis.